IT4Fashion 2018 - April 18 - 20 th, Florence, Italy


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Digital Creative Platforms (3D & 2D) coming together

Speakers of this will discuss and demonstrate how they will use the data (dynamic trend insights) to commence the design process. In other words, manufacturing, will be demand driven based upon likes and clicks. The first element of creation should come from 2D CAD using creative design to develop materials 2D virtual design going directly to digital printing based upon online demand, making the point that samples have been eradicated.

3D Virtual Design

Continuing the digital design approach of the future we move to 3D virtual sampling opening the opportunity to discuss virtual products, including Made-to-Measure, Made-To Order and personalization. Speakers will discuss how taking a 3D product design details (creative styling, prints and colours etc.) it is possible to develop 2D patterns, moving into digital printing of raw materials (just-in-time fast fashion) and hard printed products including trims and components even full real sized samples of footwear etc.

PLM Platforms

This panel discuss the PLM platform that will utilise all the data so far on the journey from both previous panel discussions and will now organise the detailed Technical Specifications that will help to collaborate with the extended supply-chain partners, featuring all the best complimentary modules of the latest PLM offering to drive product development.

Data Intelligence

The amount of customer data currently available is huge. Browsing history, purchase data, social mentions, and spending trends are all sitting in data lakes and warehouses at your company waiting to be unlocked. When used correctly, this data can show what customers are buying, when they're buying it, and what they're likely to buy next. In this way big data has the power to revolutionize how the apparel industry interacts with its customers-by creating forward thinking styles, offers, and recommendations at the individual customer level. Listening to the noise coming from the consumer based upon VOC (voice of the consumer), real-time analytics and Artificial Intelligence gleaned from website scrappers/crawlers and analysis.

Downstream digitally connected supply chain

Can downstream supply chains be revitalized to create resilience and sustained competitiveness? Across industries the logistics domain is being reimagined and digitally transformed. Here speakers will talk about an IoT use-case based on a retailer that are using IoT to improve their visibility and transparency of the organisation.

Upstream digitally connected supply chain

This panel will focus on what we need to find a good real-life use-case of digital transparency and tracking using RFID/QR codes/NFC/Bluetooth to see production transparency flowing, and if possible, in real-time based upon track and trace, and dashboards that will enable retailers and brands in the future to connect with their supply-chain partners to help drive production based upon demand curves, just like the automotive industry.

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IT4Fashion is an industrial and scientific conference and exhibition where fashion companies, brands, practitioners, researchers and software houses, from all the Europe, discuss on IT technologies in the field of fashion and luxury.
The conference represents, since its first edition, a unique event where fashion companies present their greatest success stories in the application of IT solutions, together with keynotes on new technologies and IT solutions made by leading industry experts.


The first two days (18-19) are dedicated to the industrial case studies carried out by fashion companies speakers and expert keynotes and worldwide vendor.

The two days are divided by alternating parallel sessions and plenary speech, according to the traditional timetable of the previous editions.

IT4F Innovation Award

IT4Fashion Innovation Award is a call to Innovation aimed at existing companies and start-ups who have a technology or product which has the potential to widely disrupt the world of fashion. Applications are open now and you can submit until March 30th, 2018. The best start-ups, selected by an expert panel of industry leaders, will have the chance to meet face-to-face with leading investors, world-class fashion & retail brands as well as gain visibility and a development package.


Day three (20th April) will hold a career day dedicated to career opportunities in a fashion context for students / graduated.
HR from fashion companies will introduce their organization and the available opportunities in details.
At the event you can make direct contact with fashion companies. It is an unique occasion to learn more about open positions, work environment, trainings and professional development.

IT4Fashion 2018 Confirmed Speech

Ingrid Heijnen

Ingrid Heijnen Manager Atelier, G-Star Raw C.V.


Andrea Mattesini

Andrea Mattesini Retail& Digital Manager - Monnalisa


Eugenio Alessandro Canepa

Eugenio Alessandro Canepa Head of research, Piacenza 1733


Walter Musumeci

Walter Musumeci IT Manager, SLAM


Ben Hanson

Ben Hanson Senior Contributor and Analyst - WhichPLM



Mark Harrop

Mark Harrop CEO at WhichPLM & WhichERP


Rinaldo Rinaldi

Rinaldo Rinaldi Scientific Manager - LogisLab Founder


"Opening Speech"
Innovation Award Jury

Marco Cossutta

Marco Cossutta Partner, Reply


Downstream Technology: Connecting the Consumer

Karsten Newbury

Karsten Newbury Gerber Technology Senior Vice President & General Manager, Software Solutions Group


Bringing 2D and 3D Together: A new approach to creative design

Bill Brewster

Bill Brewster Gerber Technology, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Software Solutions


PLM: A Platform for a Digital Industry

Giulio Meghini

Giulio Meghini CEO, Fabricalab


Fashion: A Digital Industry

Romeo Bandinelli

Romeo Bandinelli Research Fellow, Logislab vice-director


Emanuele Bertoli

Emanuele Bertoli CMO, 1TrueID


Downstream Technology: Connecting the Consumer

Alessandro Codrino

Alessandro Codrino PLM-Systems


PLM: A Platform for a Digital Industry

Silvano Joly

Silvano Joly Country Manager, Centric Software


PLM: A Platform for a Digital Industry

Fausto Chiappa

Fausto Chiappa CEO, Sait


Upstream Technology: Connecting the Supply Chain

Michele Dalmazzoni

Michele Dalmazzoni Collaboration & Industry IoT Leader, Cisco


Fashion: A Digital Industry

Dario Pacotto

Dario Pacotto Marketing and Communication, TESISQUARE®


Downstream Technology: Connecting the Consumer

Blake Simms

Blake Simms Director of Retail Marketing & Business Development, PTC


PLM: A Platform for a Digital Industry

Stefano Righetti

Stefano Righetti CEO, Hyphen


PLM: A Platform for a Digital Industry

Amnon Shalev

Amnon Shalev Founder & CEO, Virtuality


3D: Designing, Developing, and Dressing Digitally