Dig.IT4Fashion 2017 - November 23rd, Florence, Italy


The DIG.IT4Fashion workshop has been organized for the first time in 2015 at the “Salone Brunelleschi” within the “Istituto degli Innocenti” in Florence. In its first edition, more than 240 people attended the conference, where case histories and speeches has been alternated.
Dig.IT4Fashion is a workshop entirely dedicated to the integration between the physical and digital retail channels, to the omnichannels strategies, e-commerce, social media, customer engagement and in the analysis of the customer behavior.
DIG.IT4Fashion, in its last edition, focused on the use of technology ICT to support the strategies of digital marketing and customer engagement.

The Conference

The workshop takes place annually through with the canonical format of the IT4Fashion conference, with relevant industrial case studies and international keynotes.
The workshop, at its third edition, is a meeting point between Industry experts, solution providers and IT Managers, Marketing Manager, Retail Manager, Store Manager and Chief Digital Officer.
Topics of the workshop are the integration between phisical and digital channels, e-commerce, the use of social media, customer engagement, customer behavior analysis, etc.
The event will be held in Florence, Obihall Theatre.

IT4FASHION 18-20/04/2018


IT4Fashion is an industrial and scientific conference and exhibition where fashion companies, brands, practitioners, researchers and software houses, from all the Europe, discuss on IT technologies in the field of fashion and luxury.
The conference represents, since its first edition, a unique event where fashion companies present their greatest success stories in the application of IT solutions, together with keynotes on new technologies and IT solutions made by leading industry experts.


The first two days (18-19) are dedicated to the industrial case studies carried out by fashion companies speakers and expert keynotes and worldwide vendor.

The two days are divided by alternating parallel sessions and plenary speech, according to the traditional timetable of the previous editions.


Day three (20) will be organized as a traditional scientific conference.
Starting from a multidisciplinary approach, the conference aims to present SC business models and technologies applied to the fashion industry, to share knowledge among practitioners and researchers and, summarizing, to increase knowledge in the area of PLM and SCM in that industry. Plenary speech made by international keynotes will be alternated with parallel sessions where scientific papers will be presented.


Day three (20th April) will hold a career day dedicated to career opportunities in a fashion context for students / graduated.
HR from fashion companies will introduce their organization and the available opportunities in details.
At the event you can make direct contact with fashion companies. It is an unique occasion to learn more about open positions, work environment, trainings and professional development.