The Estra Group is currently mainly active in the sector of natural gas distribution, sales and supplies and in electricity sales and supplies. Estra has extended its business, working in the design and management of energy services, telecommunications and production of energy from renewable sources.

La Marzocco, founded in 1927 by the Bambi brothers, has traditionally specialized in producing high-end hand crafted espresso coffee machines geared towards excellence, a quality cup and style.
The company is headquartered near Florence, Italy, with offices in Auckland, Barcelona, London, Melbourne, Milan, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, Stuttgart and Sydney.
La Marzocco has over 330 employees and produces espresso coffee machines and grinders that are exported to over 100 countries with the support of its distributors and partners, making its presence known on the 5 continents.

Caffè Mokarico is a historical Florentine coffee producer who is presently located in Borgo San Lorenzo, and who produces and sells roasted coffee in beans or ground for the home and businesses.
Originally called “La casa del caffè”(the coffee house), the business was founded at the beginning of the 20thcentury by Comm. Barbieri in Corso Tintori in Florence. Since then he has been able to maintain strong ties with the territory as an ambassador of traditional Florentine coffee making.
The success of Caffè Mokarico is due to the high quality obtained through an accurate choice of raw materials and suppliers. Careful control of the roasting phase through an electronic monitoring of the temperature and a cold air cooling system guarantee an excellent product which is then packed in specially-made packages containing a valve to prevent the influx of external agents.