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Intermedia Selection official Portal

Founded in 2002, Intermedia Selection is today made up of a team of over 40 professionals, divided between different industry practices and functional areas.
With more than 320 active clients, we carried out 490 searches and 280 assessment sessions.
25% of our projects are international in nature, either searches outside of Italy for Italian clients or Italian companies looking to recruit foreign managers We have a presence in over 40 countries on each continent, through the network of IIC Partners, among the top global 10 networks and particularly strong in the fast-growing regions of Asia and South America.
We have two offices in Italy: Milan and Rome.

Technical Partner

Caffè Mokarico is a historical Florentine coffee producer located in Borgo San Lorenzo, and who produces and sells roasted coffee in beans or ground for the home and businesses.
Originally called “La casa del caffè”(the coffee house), the business was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by Comm. Barbieri in Corso Tintori in Florence. Since then he has been able to maintain strong ties with the territory as an ambassador of traditional Florentine coffee making.

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