Past editions

IT4Fashion is the annual conference focused on the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the fashion industry.

This event is unique in its large scale, broad industry presence and active role, and this emphasis placed on real-life examples of successful ICT solutions for the fashion industry. Three are the topics addressed: product development, supply chain management and retail; with special focus on sustainable production and protection of ‘Made in’, and item of particular relevance in Italy, the hosting country.
IT4Fashion brings together fashion companies delegates who share their ‘success stories’ providing first-hand examples of how innovative technologies have already been introduced in their business. The suppliers of advanced ICT solutions are also present in large number at the conference.
Since the first edition in 2011, the IT4Fashion agenda features an opening panel with key note speeches followed by three parallel sessions: New Product Development (NPD), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Retail where the success stories and case studies are presented to the broad public. Conclusions are drawn in the final round-table which take place in the second part of the afternoon.

Hereafter is it possible to find some information and the timetable of the previous editions: