IT4Fashion Scientific Conference April 22nd 2016

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08.30 09.30 Registration
09.15 09.30 Welcome speech
Rinaldo Rinaldi (IT4Fashion Scientific Director, University of Florence)
09.30 09.50 PLM for Retail, Fashion, Luxury and Consumer Goods Companies
Anastasia Charbin (VP Marketing – New Markets at Centric Software)
09.50 10.10 OSA & TCBL: Performance Support & Learning Analytics @ the Fashion workplace
Fabrizio Cardinali (SVP OSA Business Development at sedApta)
10.10 10.50 Parallel session
Brand Management and Strategy 1

The key elements of social media strategy in the Italian fashion industry (Faraoni M., Bandinelli R., Rinaldi R.)

Fashion Supply Chains and Social Media: Examining the Potential of Social Media Text Data Analysis for Decision Making Processes in Fashion Supply Chains (Beheshti-Kashi S., Hribernik K., Lützenberger J., Thoben K. D.)

Parallel session
Challenges of the Retail Industry

Development of a fashion buying education program for an apparel retail company (Sezer S., Guven B., Karaoğlu O. E., Candan, C., Onder Z., Aydemir E., Tandar G.)

From financial merchandise planning to Supply Chain design and execution (Tricase M., Bianchini A.)

10.50 11.20 Coffee break and visit to the exhibition area
11.20 11.40 Digital Fashion Enterprise: from ERP to Data Hubs
Roberto Loro (Technology & Innovation Director at Dedagroup)
11.40 12.00 GOING 3D DIGITAL in LIFESTYLE with University
Laura Valagussa (Lifestyle, CG, CGR Senior Business Development Executive at Dassault)
12.00 13.00 Parallel session
Methods, Technology and Fashion 1

A Conceptual Design of Intelligent Shoes for Pregnant Women (Dimou E., Manavis A., Papachristou E., Kyratsis P.)

The Adaptive Fitting Room (Sjøbakk B., Landmark A. D., Hübert A. P.)

Towards case-based morphological classification for fashion product development (Fischer F., Pfleiderer K., Artschwager A., Rissiek A., Mandalka M., Seidl A., Trieb R.)

Parallel session
Fashion operations and Supply Chain management

Publication Trends in Supply Chain Management in Fashion Industry (Cetinguc B., Calik E., Calisir F.)

Linking Inventory Management Performance and Operational Performance: An Empirical Analysis of U.S. Fashion Apparel and Accessory Industries (Çalışır F., Hançerlioğulları G.)

Logistics solutions to support cross border e-commerce towards China: the case of the apparel industry (Giuffrida M., Mangiaracina R., Perego A., Tumino A.)

13.00 14.00 Lunch
14.00 14.20 Lectra, a vision for the fashion industry
Bruno Mattia (Director Startegic Accounts Fashion at Lectra)
14.20 14.40 Educating the new generation with 3D changing fashion
Antonio Sgroi (Country Manager at Optitex Italy)
14.40 15.40 Parallel session
Methods, Technology and Fashion 2

GENDE: GENetic DEsign. Best products evolve according to users’s feedback (Vitaletti A.)

Turning a lean Business Model into a successful start-up in the Wearable Technology sector: the case of Clara Swiss Tech (Dal Lago M., Corti D., Pedrazzoli P.)

Testing and deploying an RFID-based Real-Time Locating System at a fashion retailer: A case study (Rizzi A., Romagnoli G.)

Parallel session
New business models in the Fashion Industry

Cross-cultural Research for Luxury Fashion Brands in Chinese Market: A Review of Long-versus Short-Term Orientation in National Culture Dimensions (Lu R., Wang Y., Kennon R.)

Smart wearable multi-sided fashion product platforms (Yablonsky S.)

See Now Buy Now: A revolution for Luxury Supply Chain Management (Brun A., Castelli C., Karaosman H.)

15.40 16.10 Coffee break and visit to the exhibition area
16.10 17.10 Parallel session
Brand Management and Strategy 2

Engagement as the core of social and digital media strategy in the Fashion Industry (Gonzalez Miralles A., Bandinelli R., Rinaldi R.)

Toward a new Fashion Concepts Design Tool: the vMannequin framework (Cremonesi P., Garzotto F., Gribaudo M., Piazzolla P., Iacono M.)

QR Code and wine Sector: what contents? An Exploratory research on wine industry (Acuti D., Magherini L., Mazzoli V., Bandinelli R., Donvito R., Rinaldi R., Aiello G.)

Parallel session
Fashion Supply Chain Management and Sustainability

A new research agenda for Luxury Supply Chain Management? (Brun A., Caniato F., Moretto A.)

IT to Sustain the Ability in Fashion: Sustainability Performance Appraisal in Luxury Fashion Supply Chains (Karaosman H., Brun A., Morales-Alonso G.)

Sustainability in the Textile, Apparel and Leather Industry (Resta B., De Sanctis I., Fani V., Dotti S., Ciarapica F. E., Bandinelli R., Rinaldi R.)

17.10 18.00 Closing Cerimony