ONLINE Registrations are OPEN.

Receive FREE entry to IT4 Fashion when you purchase your pass online ONLY before 18th April.
FREE entry applies ONLY to Event Sponsors, Fashion Companies and their delegates, Students, Press & Media.
All other attendees are required to purchase an event pass online to gain entry to IT4 Fashion
An event pass purchased online will be charged at 300€ (one day) or 400€ (two days).
PLEASE NOTE: It will not be possible to register or purchase an event pass at the welcome desk, please ensure you purchase your event pass online to avoid disappointment.
N.B. The IT4Fashion ticket is personal and not transferable.

Thank you for choosing to attend the IT4Fashion 2018, Florence, 18th-19th April 2018.


This category includes people who are working for a fashion companies (brands, faconists, raw material suppliers, apparel / shoe/ leather / metal accessory factories). Attendance is free, for those with verified registration.


For the companies that are sponsoring the conference, the attendance is free using one of the wildcard given with the sponsorship.
The wildcard is needed during the registration process, please use this link only when you have the wildcard code with you.


This category includes people who work in the press and media such as journalists, bloggers, photographers and media reporters. During the registration, it is important to send us professional credentials. Attendance is free.


Students, research fellows, Ph.D students and professors have to register using their official email address. This email will be used in order to validate the free pass.


It is possible to attend the event by purchasing a ticket online for one day at 250€ online and at 350€ for both of the days. From March 19th, it is possibile to buy a ticket for one day at 300€ online and at 400€ for both days. You have to register your personal account in order to access to the event.


Once corrected registered, you will be able to receive your badge at the welcome desk of the event.

In order to book tickets it is very important to complete the registration form, and fill in all of the required fields.

For more information regarding the IT4FASHION registration process please don’t hesitate to contact us at:



1. Entrance to the event
2. Attendance at workshop and plenary sessions
3. Light lunch and coffee break