Sponsorship Selection criteria

The 2020 edition shall have a limited number of sponsors divided as usual in Gold and Silver.

In particular, as to Gold sponsors, it was decided to have only 10/12 participating companies  that shall alternate on the stage speaking before a highly qualified audience of managers.

During the last few months, the Scientific Committee shared views about singling out some hot areas of interest for the 2020 conference.

Within each hot area of interest, specific topics were singled out to help the Committee selecting the candidate sponsors. Each sponsor, when filling up the form below, shall point out the area (or areas if more than one) of their contribution and whether it features highly innovative contents or else practical and managerial issues that are however an added value for the conference participants.

In case of a practical contribution/case history, the presence of a representative of the company included in the case study in addition to the sponsor shall be mandatory, otherwise the candidate sponsor shall be excluded from the selection.

The selection process shall be managed and dealt with by the Scientific Committee and be based on the following:
    • innovative side and practical value of the proposal enriching the conference participants;
    • relevance of the proposal as to the conference theme;
    • experience and value of the candidate sponsor;
    • inclusion of the proposal (or not) in the agenda of the previous editions;
    • feasible inclusion of the proposal in the conference formats.

In case the application as Gold Sponsor is accepted, the sponsor shall be contacted with additional details about the participation by the end of 2019.

Sponsor Opportunity

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Sponsor opportunity